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Who We Help Most

Hard To Find Proper Fitting Clothing

No matter in-store or online, something is always off with the fit and doesn't feel right. Clothing is often uncomfortable and is embarrassing to wear.

Hates To Shop In Stores

Can no longer tolerate the in-store experience, don't have the time to shop or flat out hate shopping.

A Closet Full Of Clothing, "Nothing To Wear"

Looking into a full closet but you can't stand what you see and waste time trying to decide what goes with what.

How It Started

In the late 2000's, on a trip overseas, our founder finally gave in to one of the hustlers on the street providing custom-tailored suits & shirts. He decided to get a couple suits and shirts made and was blown away by the service and end result. With the proper fit for his short and stocky frame he was looking great and feeling even better.

He realized more men needed to feel how he felt and set out to help as many men as he could. 

With what started as a mini crowdfunding campaign, helping many of his close friends and immediate colleagues, he was able to establish a relationship with a very well recognized tailoring brand and was up and running. 

As the business grew he was eventually able to leave his career to forge a new chapter in his life.

For nearly a decade they provided convenient shopping experiences for busy professionals who didn’t have the time to “shop” in the Vancouver, Canada market. 
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How We Evolved

A change in focus towards only sourcing premium quality-made clothing with a high level of attention to detail, proved to be the right decision and is now ingrained into our core values. 

We believe in a "less is more" approach, choosing quality over quantity and getting more cost per wear out of your menswear. Clients who share the same vision are primarily who we work with. 

Integrating technology to provide further convenience for our clients has always been, and continues to be, a top priority. It has allowed us to expand our reach to service wider markets and helps our busy clients save time and effort every single day.

Through the pandemic we took the time to test, trial and improve our processes. With the advancements in AI, Machine Learning and 3D tech over the years it has created major efficiencies to a multi-century old archaic business model. 

It's never been easier and more convenient to get “fitted'' and have custom menswear made for yourself.

What We Are Today

Integrating technology allowing our clients to get measured from their smartphone with just 2 pictures is truly remarkable leap forward. Over 70 body measurements are captured, along with advanced body profiling and with a downloadable 3D avatar it's helping us create the best experience for our clients. 

With a proven and efficient process backed by millions of data points we create perfect fitting garments that our clients love and appreciate.

To align with the new vision, strategy and approach a rebrand was in order.

In late 2021, The Brotherhood of Style was born.

Providing the most convenient virtual shopping experience and helping our clients create stylish wardrobes that all work together that they love and appreciate.
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Where We Are Going

We will always continue to evolve, improve our efficiencies and create easy and convenient shopping experiences. 

Innovating our business model to bring new technologies to an archaic industry which is ripe for disruption will continue to be in our focus, so long as it makes our clients' lives easier. 

We are on the path to helping 25,000 men create wardrobes they love and appreciate, that actually fit them properly and help simplify their lives, by making it easy and convenient.

The way it should be!

Who Joins The Brotherhood of Style?

The clients we work with come from many walks of life but we all share a similar story and an aligned vision.

None of us have the time or patience to go shopping and can't be bothered to step foot in a store these days.

We were tired of all the ill-fitting clothing that made us feel uncomfortable but often found ourselves reverting back to familiar brands that were "just ok"

We were frustrated with our wardrobes and wanted to do something about it but didn't really know where to start.

Until we found The Brotherhood of Style.
The man who hates to shop
The man who doesn't have the time to shop
Wants to look good, but doesn't know where to start
Looking for a stylish & versatile wardrobe that all works together
The man looking for quality made with a high level of attention to detail
The man who wants to look his best on his most important day of his life

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The Brotherhood of Style

"Provide Value At Every Opportunity, Create (& Enjoy) Rich Experiences, DO A LOT OF GOOD!" 

Values & Non-Negotiables

Provide Value at Every Opportunity

Create "& Enjoy" Rich Experiences

Quality Over Quantity

Less is More

Build People Up, Never Tear Them Down


The Brotherhood Guarantees

The Brotherhood of Style provides the easiest and most convenient virtual shopping experiences for quality made custom clothing.

All products and services are backed by our perfect-fit & hassle-free money back guarantees, if you are not happy with the end result you will be provided a full refund.

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