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How It Works

The Brotherhood of Style

Convenient virtual shopping experiences for the man who doesn't have the time to shop but wants to look & feel his best

Step 1 - Fabric & Swatch Kit

Feeling your fabrics is part of the bespoke experience.

Now it can be done in the comfort of your home or office.

Select your fav fabrics online or create your fabric kit profile and we will put one together for you.

About The Fabric Kit

Step 2 - Get Measured Online

Forget the measuring tape, utilize our state of the art tech to capture your measurement profile in just a couple minutes.

With just 2 pictures from your smartphone our body scan tool uses highly advanced technology to capture over 70 body measurements.

About The Tech

Step 3: Initial At Home Fitting

From the body scan measurements we make a sample suit jacket, pair of pants and your first shirt, it’s a trial run to create your perfect fit profile.

Try your initial sample garments on, in the comfort of your home.

Your perfect fit profile is created without ever having to leave your home.

About The Try On Garments

Step 4 - Confirm & Deliver

Your order details are confirmed and delivered directly to your door. 

Convenience at its finest.

Get Started

Get Started With A Deposit

Fabric Kit

The fabric kit includes swatch samples to see and feel in person.

Add your favourite fabrics swatches to the cart or allow us to put one together for you by creating your fabric kit profile

**$100 deposit will be used towards your total purchase price.

$100 Deposit

Starter Kit

The starter kit includes swatch samples, initial try-on garments & your first shirt.

Add your favourite fabrics swatches to the cart or allow us to put one together for you by creating your fabric kit profile

*$250 deposit will be used towards your total purchase price.

$250 Deposit

Watch How it Works

Why Join The Brotherhood of Style?

  • An easy & convenient virtual shopping experience
  • Fabric kits allow you to see and feel the fabrics in person
  • Getting measured has never been easier
  • Initial try-on garments create the perfect hassle-free fit
  • Get started with a deposit

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Fabric kit?

Seeing and feeling the fabrics is part of the bespoke experience. Now this is done in the comfort of your home.

Choose your favourite fabrics to add to your fabric kit or we can put one together for you.

What is the initial try-on garment?

The initial try-on garment is a shell of a jacket and pair of pants. There are no pockets, minimal buttons and we used end of the roll fabrics from previous seasons / collections.

The intention and purpose is to test and confirm the proper fit, button placement and the correct proportions for your body type.

What about the Styles & designs?

Choose from any of our pre-designed styles or follow our step by step design guide to create your ideal outfit.

Your private stylist is there to help you along the way if you require assistance. or phone at

Did you have a style or design in mind? Reach out to us directly by email or give us a call by phone to find out what we can do to help you out.

How accurate is the body scan?

The measurement accuracy is within 1.2 cm or 1/2" of accuracy. The tech is cutting edge and continually improving.

To put it in perspective, the most skilled tailors in the world experience up to 1.5 cm of margin for error.

The try on garments are built based on your measurement profile and provide peace of mind that there will be no need for any alterations or additional tailoring to your actual garments.

How Long Is Delivery?

Total delivery time is typically between 4-6 weeks.

The fabric kit & try-on garments are prepared and delivered within 2 -3 weeks. After the measurement profile is updated and order details are confirmed you can expect to receive your final products within another 2 -3 weeks.

What about my privacy?

Your privacy is very important to us.

Your images are never stored online and immediately deleted from the servers.

Your measurements are kept on file for the purpose of your orders only and can be deleted from our servers at any time upon request.

To read more about our privacy policy have an in depth read here

Some of the favourite fabric mills we work with
Imported fabrics are currently available with the assistance of your personal stylist